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11.20.2012 , 08:59 PM | #63
Kephess NiM 8 man is finely tuned, in my opinion. In order to kill those two-warrior packs efficiently and destroy the walker in three attempts you need to push your dps to the utmost limit, nothing short of BiS gear from TFB HM is required. The last phase is finally no joke when it comes to staying alive and staying focused, the problem I personally had in HM is that I was almost always double ressing the tanks (one battle ress and then stealth ress), meaning there was a lot of room for error, now this is not the case - tank being pulled while having breath of the masters debuff plus cleave = oneshot, then Kephess starts some crazy nightmare AoE killing everyone in the raid.

It's still underwhelming for the final boss of this so-called nightmare mode (they could've added a lot more mechanics and made things a lot more interesting ... for example, the two droids with railshot are EXACTLY the same, unless I'm missing something), but at least it's a step up. No more screwing around with killing the warriors, slacking on dps when walker is down and, especially, with the tanks coordinating and taunting off each other perfectly in the very final phase.