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My Version from a healers perspective:

You're a bad Tank:

If you don't make sure to at least Tap every mob on each pull so that a healer doesn't pull aggro trying to do their job.

If you aren't vocal with the people you're playing with. (Tank is generally a leadership role so if you don't want to be vocal in a raid then don't bother doing it)

If you don't take your time to look at your stats and take a bit of time to do research on how to properly itemize your advanced class.

You're a bad DPS:

If you don't parse your numbers. Parsing numbers of course lets you know if you're doing it right or wrong!
(A dps who doesn't look at their numbers is obviously looking to be carried through content which is why guilds are having trouble with the easy content in this game. Carrying dead weight halts progression)

If you don't watch aggro on certain fights.
(Of course this is dependant on the situation. But in a situation when you know your tank doesn't suck and you rip aggro and die at the beginning of the fight from blowing all your crap early then you fail)

Don't take the time to itemize your gear.
(I guess this is repetitive for every role, if you Itemize well then you're being considerate to the people you're doing content with by making sure you're performing at your best. Of course Situational awareness is a key component for all roles as well)

You're a bad Healer:

If anyone in your raid dies from unavoidable damage. (aka damage that is always gonna happen)
(It won't always be your fault because in an operation there are multiple healers but if someone you're supposed to heal dies you fail at your role. But if it is new content for you and you're just learning then its fine just fix it next attempt!)

Don't know how to manage your resource. (Aka Energy, Heat/Ammo, or Force)
(Healing well is not only about getting heals out but making sure you can keep them coming. In an operation if you fail to manage your energy then you will cause a domino effect that will cause the other healers to tap themselves out which screws everybody over.
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