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I recently sent some mail to my alt containing various mats for biochem. Due to all the names being taken after the server merges, I had used a special character when making the alt, and must have sent the mail to the wrong character as it never arrived

Dismayed, I contacted customer support and was informed that its not possible to offer a restoration, nor is it possible to recall the mail or forward it to the correct player. I was informed this was a categorical impossibility, and no other workarounds such as deleting the mail and restoring the items would be possible

I contacted support within the 30 min mailing period for account to account mail, so even if the other character is still an active character and just happened to have been online, there is no way they could have taken the items from the mail yet

I'm kinda hoping I was blatantly lied to or was simply given incorrect information by an incompetent represenitive (the girl I spoke with was obviously new to CS) as I need those mats to continue leveling my crafting

Could I get a second opinon on my situation?

If it is indeed not possible to recall mail, delete mail or restore mail, can I inquire as to why? I happen to be intimately familiar with MMO support for other companies in the industry and as long as the mail hasn't already been removed, this should be a simple right-click "return to sender" situation, why isn't that the case here?
i did this just before cause of a typo lol instead of i put a standard e lol wow what a pain i sent a ticket straight away and nothing and probs gonna be no solution, own fault tbh but wish they could do something, it was meant to go to my little brother and now some random inactive guy (atm) has just recieved over 2mil in items and credits when and if he comes back on haha i hope not! they should implement a system where u can recover mail in the first hour its so dumb!