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11.20.2012 , 07:41 PM | #7
There is an issue with the payment gateway at the moment. Both CC and Paypal payments are failing without detail, and adding new credit cards has to be done over the phone because the online system doesn't accept them.

I tried to Re-Sub on Friday and couldn't and the issue still isn't resolved. So as time goes on, peoples Subscriptions are ending and the automated subscription payments are failing, meaning more and more subscribers are joining the ranks of F2P because of this issue.

I've spent about 9 hours in total since Friday on hold to CS and only got through twice. Both times their solution was to temporally activate my account for a single day. The first time the issue just re-occurred once that time expired. The 2nd time was yesterday, and I don't think I'll be subscribed once my manually allocated time expires. Also meaning i'll loose my ability to post on these forums regarding my issue.

This Issue also affects the Cartel Coins as people can't buy them (that's Free 2 play and Subscribers) F2P players can't post in the forum though, So for each Subscriber that has imagine 10 that can't post the same issue.

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