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11.20.2012 , 06:37 PM | #17
I called Customer service for a legitimate problem. My account would not accept my paypal to renew my subscription after being idle a few months.

That was 1 week before F2P launch. I was on hold less than 5 minutes.

The day of F2P launch I called again to reactivate my kids account and it was a 1 hour hold.

This week - the holds were reported at 2-3 hours.

That is for people who did not make a mistake and simply just need to get into the game. With so many non-user generated issues we can understand why they can not entertain a user-error.

It is sad, but they are currently overloaded. And if they made this ONE exception. You can expect word to spread like wildfire and the telephone cue would be astronomical.

You can play the game and made an honest mistake.

Those same CSR reps are trying to get some people into the game who can not even pay for a subscription due to errors beyond their control..

Its simple...

Please use GTN to offload any erroneous purchases from the cartel market.