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I felt bad for creating a thread in general asking when there would be a viable PvE relic, and i did not take the static power into account... but I have read a lot of bad info in this thread, so i feel much better now.

healing proc relics are bad, and ill tell u why. they heal for 3 seconds every 20 seconds, meaning they are doing nothing for the tank or healer for 17 seconds, whereas an on use or PvP relic will increase bonus healing consistently and controllably. for a healer its bad because it over heals mroe than anything else.

people using the klinetic instead of internal or elemental.... please stop... you think 35% armor penetration is going to negate the other 85% of the armor? also, most bosses have less internal;/elemental resistance than kinetic/energy. on top of that, some bosses might have m,ore armor than others, so the kinetic might be less than the internal/elemental.
So what would be the 2 BiS for both classes?