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i have to disagree with power overrides it is extremely useful in heat management. and having it up more often is a huge benefit. it is only useful if you are over 40 heat however. but once you hit that hit thermal sensor override and your fusion missile and you are good to go. heat is back down and you can continue with your normal rotation
I think you are talking about Power Surge which we all love. The OP is talking about a skill that reduces cooldown on Concussion Missile and Thermal Override or something. Pretty worthless.
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I actually use Flamethrower in PvP matches. Go figure.... THAT is a worthless ability. Haven't used that in a PvP match in over a week.
Flamethrower is definitely worthless. Sometimes I use it for fun (like once a month) or just to make people say W-T-F?

But I completely disagree on Power Shots. A Merc Pyro falls back on Power Shots when their full rotation is on cooldown and they are not being Focused and can stand still.

Granted, this is semi-rare but when you are well geared, everything hits hard. Including this 1.5s spammable attack. Once you get to the point where you need to fire Power Shots, your only other option is Rapid Shots which will do like half the damage.
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