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I felt bad for creating a thread in general asking when there would be a viable PvE relic, and i did not take the static power into account... but I have read a lot of bad info in this thread, so i feel much better now.

healing proc relics are bad, and ill tell u why. they heal for 3 seconds every 20 seconds, meaning they are doing nothing for the tank or healer for 17 seconds, whereas an on use or PvP relic will increase bonus healing consistently and controllably. for a healer its bad because it over heals mroe than anything else.

people using the klinetic instead of internal or elemental.... please stop... you think 35% armor penetration is going to negate the other 85% of the armor? also, most bosses have less internal;/elemental resistance than kinetic/energy. on top of that, some bosses might have m,ore armor than others, so the kinetic might be less than the internal/elemental.

i appreciate all the valuable work keyboardninja has done for the tanking community, however, I disagree with his interpretation and quantification of survivability. I have had long conversations with ppl at mmomechanics about HP vs. mitigation, and from my analysis, we are better shooting for balanced builds (between the two) than going for one or the other in a diehard fashion. from typical calulations there is a 1% sacrafice in mitigation for every 100 points being switched between mitigation and endurance. what this means is that each HP accounts for less incoming damage, but is offset by selfheals... so if we assume that we are talking about the difference bwteen a mitigation pool of 1600 (with 27000 health) with a healing trinket and a 1700 (with 26000 HP) build then we have the following to consider:

1 HP=4.040 incoming damage for 1600
1 HP= 4.172 incoming damage for 1700

assumuing we have 5k incoming damage per second we end up with

1600) 5000*0.2475-(247/6+(.02*27000*3)/15+515/25)=1068 dps taken
1700) 5000*0.2397-(247/6+(.06*26000)/15)= 1053 dps taken

(assuming 1/2 90% accuracy, 1/2 100% accuracy, 1/2 energy/kinetic and 1/2 elemental/internal)

where the following stat tables (prior to rakata fort stim) are used:

total defense shield absorb
1400 453 430 518
1500 471 479 550
1600 492 527 581
1700 514 575 611
1800 538 621 641
1900 563 667 670
2000 590 712 698

This article has shown that the healing proc relic does not decrease the damage taken per second as well as an additional 100 points of mitigation can