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I don't know, but you might consider running a build that has death field with deception. It gives you significantly better range against the massive kiting that is going on especially if you don't find the 30% shock damage buff easy to hit.

I personally think in my few days playing the hybrid build that the 30% damage boost with Voltaic is highly underrated in pure burst. Death field is great if you are struggling to close range, interupt caps, or need to be more backrow, but you give up a lot of pure burst with shock to get a ranged attack. We do have recklessness FL.

I think voltaic does ok damage and it replaces thrash in my build well. It helps to proc maul. If you are going to take 2-3 points in darkness take the Armor Penetration.

You should always check your abilities to understand exactly how they will perform in game.

Voltaic Slash, Maul and Assassinate, are weapon attacks with for an assassin is a kinetic attack. So itís a white damage attack applied against Defense (can be shielded), and it is mitigated by armor.

Shock, Force Lightning and discharge are ranged Force energy attacks. So itís a Yellow damage attack applied against Resistance (ignoring Defense and Shields), but it is mitigated by armor.

So as you can see all of these attacks can be boosted against the opponents AR by 9%.

If you look at the damage reduction vs armor rating chart for armor on You'll see that equates roughly to 3% more damage on all your main assassin attacks.

Give or take depending on 9%. If you like entropic fields potential for a 6% increase to damage reduction (which is essentially like 6% more armor) I don't see how you argue against surging charges ability to add 9% AR reduction to all attacks all the time that strike your enemies with charge mastery.

Death Fields internal damage is great. Bypassing armor is a sure winner. However, your giving up 30% damage and its improved crit.

Voltaic IMO is fine. If you don't like the setup in deception to the shock proc run 2213/6. You'll get all the awesomeness of maul and tank armor with the ability to nearly equal the shock damage output of deception through energize. Especially if you don't run charge mastery in deception.

Crackling blast and energize are roughly the same and electrify is equal to 1 hit of voltaic slash being active all the time.

You lose the heavy hitting discharge and give up some chain shock percentage to hit and some maul critical damage, but gain some survivability.

I like the 23/18/0 and 27/14/0 (Harnessed Darkness) builds. Their are a few hybrids I like. The problem with deception is really still utility over a marauder. Its fun but honestly the tanking line is still superior, especially now with the ability to run a shield and keep up your melee damage output.

I don't mind deceptions outputs and its survivability isn't to bad. If your good you can pretty much never die. Its going to own the death match arena. Stealth based burst. More escapability than operatives. Although self healing of a tanksin is very underrated.

Thanks for reading.
Judust Jax
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