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Don't blame Bioware for your mess up. You sent the mail to the wrong character, Bioware did nothing wrong. Can any other games restore miss-sent mail? I don't think so.
Actually in World of Warcraft, mis-sent mail can indeed be recalled so long as it hasn't already been taken from the mail by the person who got it. And in such a case, I do understand why it can no longer be returned; at that point it becomes messy, especially if items have been added to a stack of mats or have already been sold. used, etc. Recalling promptly reported mis-sent mail is a simple, everyday support task

What boggles me is the statement that it can't be done, especially when reported so promptly, I literally logged over to check for the mats and reported it within minutes.

I'm not stating that my sending mats to the wrong character is Biowares fault. It was a mistake, my mistake, and one with which I am seeking support

Support not having the ability to edit mail or items seems like a big oversight. That's a pretty important feature... It just seems like someone has the ability to take 2 seconds and press a recall button and save me hours worth of re-farming or a month and a prayer of waiting to hope I can get my own items back