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If you are the sort of person who will not ask questions for the fear of whatever(ppl shoutinga t u, laughing at you, being fools), read up on guides on the net. The starting ops ev/kp are so old that you can find comprehensive guides+ videos on all.

This will give you the mechanics and when people in the OP for example say "Click the left console" on EV, you know what they mean. learn the puzzle on both ev/kp, groups value those who know mechanics and puzzles.

As for full warhero gear, We cleared TFB HM with some people in some WH augmented gear. We are on last boss Nim EC and still have one of the DPS using some WH augmented gear. WH = BH easily. but as you have never done ops, dont try and stem into HM EC/TFB straight away.

The reason most people dont want to take someone who has never done content is because it takes ages to explain everything, and if you cause wipes they can cost someone decently geared arnd 5k a wipe.

Carrying a dps is easier than carrying a tank/heals, SO even if you are one of these classes, convert to DPS for first few runs.

Next time someone asks for a DPS, reply with I am new to running ops but have a full aug WH gear and know most fights, except boss X for example.

Also, Learn the first 2 boss fights, mechanics etc asap. Once you know that you have to stay still for bonethrasher and run and stand in the puddle for Annhilator, you will get through first boss, and the group will carry you through even if you contribute a lot because finding replacements can be a pain.