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11.20.2012 , 05:08 PM | #12
I think there must be a percentage of mission types. I find that my normal "spread" of missions is: 2-3 metal/cloth missions, and the rest comp missions. the metal/cloth missions seem t randomly choose one or the other, and not sure about the grade of mission (i.e. moderate, abundant, rich, etc). those could be percentage based all the missions for that tier...though I never get rich metal/fabric.

I've never seen one above abundant actually. I think that due to some kind of mission level range.the comp missions are a step lower then the metal/fabric missions. I will usually get one or two rich comp missions, but never above abundant on metal/fab missions.

Oh, and I've also noticed that when i run both metal and fab, i have a chance of getting one or the other in it's place...but i have yet to see a comp mission replaced directly with at metal/fab. unless its just a rarer chance.

Either way, I think that meta and fab missions share slots. which leads me to think that you can easily run into the niche farming isolation issue (My own word), where if your farming a node that has a chance to spawn multiple results, if you only farm one of those results, you eventually farm your way out of that resource type.

like if you have an equal chance of getting a metal or fabric mission each time one of those spawns, and you only farm the metal ones, eventually via random chance you run out of metal missions as the "slots" get filled up with fabric missions.

The ship transition comes from this...when you transition areas it resets your missions, hence you get a brand new "roll" on the missions. The other alternative (which was probably the intent of the design) is to simply run both the metal and fab missions, that way you have an equal chance to get either back as replacements.

i have never had good luck getting gift missions to reroll as metal or fab missions. My theory is that it has to do with the level system. there are more levels of comp missions to pull from, and less metal/fab missions, so you'll get a gift mission more often then not. either way i usually see only 2-3 metal/fab, and if i don't do both, i eventually end up with 2-3 fab missions solely.