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The argument about scarcity is bull. None of this is planned scarcity, it's just a lousy UI that people have complained about since day one. It doesn't even do what you claim it does, because people can still game it to get five missions, by just relogging over and over or jumping on and off the ship. If BW does think they need to adjust mission yield for a system where you can start five missions easily, then they can adjust mission yield (and then nobody would be able to game it in any way to defeat this assumed yield control).
Then how come EVERY SINGLE MMO in creation has some sort of system in place that somehow limits the infinite materials available? I (and friends of mine) have played them all at one time or another and they ALL have some method of limiting what and how much can be produced.

Yes, any given player can flub the system by logging in and out a hundred times to get the missions he/she wants. How many players actually take advantage of that? I guarantee...only a miniscule minority.

And, most likely, the logging in and out was not intended, but because so few do take advantage and it soothes some of the complaining, Bioware will probably never "fix" it.