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11.20.2012 , 04:48 PM | #15
As to HK-51, numerous people have posted on the forums about this bug. I haven't seen anything from BW acknowledging that they are aware of the bug, but it's clearly a bug that many people are encountering. So fixing the issue may not be as simple as someone flipping a magic switch just for you in order to fix it. If you encounter an obvious bug like this and choose to buy new gear for HK or whatever it may be, then that's your problem. Your best bet is to let HK-51 sit for a day or two until they hopefully get the bug straightened out.
It's easy to restore or give gear if you open a ticket and it's been 5 days without my HK gear. Fixing the problem so it won't happen again and giving me gear I should have had are two different things. Why would I waste credits on HK gear when the stuff he comes with is good?