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11.20.2012 , 04:43 PM | #70
Personally, I could care less. there are odd times that I wish i could just hit double strike instead of casting another spell, or waiting for the CD on project to come up. but I usually just DoT the mob and move on...he'll die very shortly from that. As long as it doesn't top ANY of our other primary skills...who cares?

although I find it very interesting that the OP states that its not about the damage...but the entire conversation has revolved around you guys breaking down...the damage. if it's not about the damage, then why do you even care how much it does? really....if it was all about using your lightsaber, then you can already USE IT. you have 2 very useable skills that you can spam all day long, and you get them at level one. So it really IS about the damage

On another note....I remember some conversations with beta players....apparently the Sage was originally brought up with the idea of being a melee/range hybrid, bur for some reason unknown to the beta tester at the time, they had dropped most of their melee abilities. I wouldn't be surprised if the decided to keep DS low damage to try and keep sage's to ranged attacks.

Edit: already beaten to the punch on the beta point but the point made via the beta comments still stands wade...they purposefully kept melee damage low on the sage for some reason. balance makes sense.