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I use (and always have) Fullscreen.

GPU- Intel(R) G45/G43 Express chipset [is this what gpu is?]

CPU- Pentuim (R) Dual-Core CPU E5300@ 2.60Ghz

RAM- 6.00GB

HDD- ~50BG free of ~300GB (I also have a backup drive, 400GB [full] if that makes a difference)

I'm not really familial with games and graphics and stuff (TOR is the only game I play). It just seems to me that I'm so far above the min requirements that I should be running really well, no?

Thanks for any advice...
Use windowed mode instead of full screen, game seems to perform better in a windowed environment versus full screen. Also, look to invest in an actual video card, and a quad core processor or better. Right now you are using an onboard graphics adapter, this means your graphics are sharing your system ram and in today's gaming environments, this is sub-optimal. Lowest graphic setting is about the best you can do with the current rig you have, as you are sitting on the bare minimum requirements to run the game fluidly in a multiplayer environment..

Personally, I'd recommend a quad core or better processor, 4-8 GB ram, and just about any current generation dedicated video card with at least 512 MB onboard ram.