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I use (and always have) Fullscreen.

GPU- Intel(R) G45/G43 Express chipset [is this what gpu is?]

CPU- Pentuim (R) Dual-Core CPU E5300@ 2.60Ghz

RAM- 6.00GB

HDD- ~50BG free of ~300GB (I also have a backup drive, 400GB [full] if that makes a difference)

I'm not really familial with games and graphics and stuff (TOR is the only game I play). It just seems to me that I'm so far above the min requirements that I should be running really well, no?

Thanks for any advice...
That GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) you have is pretty low end. You'll want to get a add-on graphics card if you want to see the game driven at high graphics level. I use a nVidia GTX670 graphics card and it drives the game at max setting on a 24-inch Dell monitor (1920x1200 resolution).

Another recommendation I have will be to replace you existing monitor with a IPS panel based one. It won't help you run the game faster but you'll notice better color and graphics details. In fact, the game will play like it had a "digital remaster" because the color is more accurate and close to what the developers meant them to be.

You can also consider replacing your HDD with a SSD or use multiple drives in RAID0 configuration if you want the game to load faster. It helps when you transition to another area that requires loading from the local drive.