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11.20.2012 , 03:48 PM | #4
Leveled up watchman and played watchman for my sentinel for the longest time. Recently switched to combat for 1.4 as the TFB encounters cater to burst slightly more. I'm definitely enjoying combat as it does provide as good (if not, better) dps as watchman. Focus management is much easier on combat rather than watchman. The increased transcendance is nice as well as the 30% aoe dmg reduction.

However with the free respecs, I switch back and forth between watchman and combat depending on the operation. I feel watchman suits better for EC while combat is better for TFB. Again this is only my opinion. I reitemize my gear with two enhancements that I swap in my sabers depending on the spec.

Watchman is definitely still viable for ops, give combat a try and play with whichever you are comfortable with.