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11.20.2012 , 03:39 PM | #12
Wow... just wow.

Granted they did say they were going to implement that... But it wasn't in the patch notes.

You made a mistake - and now you are seriously over reacting to it.

You named your character not BW, and I'd bet anything you didn't name your character with the idea you were going to change it after like 5 hours of game play.

Your "claim" is baseless. And if you do dispute the payments of however much money you spent on Coins and a sub.... I'd bet they will get turn into a collection agency because you willfully paid for it and only called foul when you learned that -'' Oh my name sucks... I wonder if i can change it, OH it looks i might be able.. WHAT I CAN'T! OMG BW IS TERRIBLE I WANT MY MONEY BACK"