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Aside from armourings in the Black hole gear, you should spend all your black home commendations on Stalker Boots and simply extract the mods and enchancements from them and apply them your other gear.
This is really the best advice possible.

Use resolve augments. They increase both your willpower and your critical rating. Put one in all fourteen available slots.

Minimize the amount of alacrity that is on modifiable pieces (mods and enhancements). There is plenty of alacrity on your earpiece and implants. One alacrity/power or alacrity/crit enhancement can be used if you want a smidge more, but I wouldn't go more than one.

Get your power and surge as high as possible. Surge should be around 75-78%. There is no cap on power, so use it as the secondary stat everywhere.

Make sure that you are using Resolve armorings, never Force Wielder. FWs are for assassin tanks, Resolve are for DPS/healers.

Acquire a couple of Resolve armorings that are not slot specific and put them into modifiable (orange) belt and bracers. This will allow you to squeeze out even more stats in these slots. They may be expensive, but they are very much worth it.

It is my opinion that the PVP War Hero Relic of Boundless Ages remains the best in slot for healing sorcerers, although the new Dread Guard version seems optimal for DPS sorcerers.

In optimized 61s, I had well over 2000 Willpower before buffs and stims. Buffed and stimmed, I was sitting close to 2300. Those numbers only went up in optimized 63s. Optimization is key.