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11.20.2012 , 02:40 PM | #7
Hmm well if I was to make suggestions would have to be one of the following:

Making our bleeds uncleansable (if there is such a word) ? at least our dps isn't rendered useless.
Make our next Force Scream/Annihilate an auto crit if target is under the bleed effects of rupture?
Increase the damage of our next Annihilate by 3% per bleed stack the target has?

While reading the OP what i was thinking was summed up pretty well by Fett and Bleez… in RWZ you need to kill stuff now… not once you have Berserk up so that your bleeds start to Auto Crit or once you have 3 stacks of Annihilate up so you can spam it.
And adding more burst to a DoT tree = OP

I commented about the Annihilation heals nerf last week and in one reply was the word “adapt” that pretty much summed it all up for me So… I respecced to Carnage and having a Blast with it!! Nerfs come and go it’s not the first one and won’t be the last one.
On a side note does anyone know the reason for why Watchman/Annihilation heals were nerffed? I personally thought the Tree was perfectly balanced.