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11.20.2012 , 02:39 PM | #18
BW favors mele for some reason period. they constantly remain silent to all of the issues that people have brought up like smash, or not being able to interupt ravage, or their god mode abilities. with this being said BW feels their fine with their silence.

The only way to change this status quo is for everyone to roll a glow stick and only play them, when thats all that runs around in pvp mabie they will get the hint that that is trully the FOTOM and thats all that you can play to remain competitive in pvp at the moment.

i know it sounds silly, but so wasnt the extra extra extra CC that came with 1.4 that no one at all asked for. I love to pvp but no class out their has the AOE damage that Smash has, no one has the CC like the sorc bubble tossing machines, the classes arent ballanced at the moment, and they need to do something instead of increasing the CC in the game to compensate for this imballance.
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