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But i can understand why some people simply don't like it. For me , it was really just resisting change. I don't mind it now, and in all honesty, I'm not sure at this point that I'd want another "ball of force" in my repertoire. already have too many on my Tk sage that look the same
And what about a little white blast of Force (like a sudden air decompression) right in the chest of the target (similar to the stormy cloud of Inquisitors) in place of Project, and stream of high pressured air in place of Telekinetic Throw.
The first one could be called Force Blast, and the second one Force Pressure (I know, i'm not very productive on names).

It could make happy the rock-throwing haters, and bring (back) a bit of coolness (in my opinion, the old Project was cool mainly because of temporization, now it's just random)