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11.20.2012 , 02:26 PM | #81
lol serious thread necro...invasion of the zombies Star Wars style!

yes....every vendor tht give comm weapons now gives techblades as well. Armstech has a lvl 20 craftable one (that is sick easy to get). this issue is now moot...except necro threads are funny

on the note of the belsavis techblade. it's simply awesome lookin! my jug main uses one, and the coolest look I've ever seen was a repub side sentinel in the slave outfit with two of those on her back. so sexay!

Also...though it hasn't affected my Jugg, make sure that none of your abilities specify "lightsaber". learned the hard way after finding a very cool looking techstaff on my shadow, and spending creds to migrate mods, only to find out that half my cirtical abilities were saber only :P the sage really doesn't have this issue, but just warning everyone....