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Endure pain?
Sorry, I missed this. Endure Pain and Saber Ward are the 2 DCDs. Oddly enough, since Endure Pain lasts all of 10 seconds it does NOT give them a superior amount of HP, simply a temporary boost like any shield does. My HP pool on my jugg in mostly augmented WH is about 19.5k. Endure Pain offers me 30% more (5850 HP) for that 10 seconds. I'm pretty sure 6k HP is 2-3 globals that I get from it. No different than say Deflection that reduces melee and ranged damage by 50% for 12 seconds. Let's say you get hit by ravage with Deflection active, you could eat an entire 10k ravage with 6k HP left (only take 5k damage with Deflection), but a jugg with Endure Pain up would die.

You basically have Deflection and Force Shroud, Juggs have Endure Pain and Saber Ward. You, however, get to open from stealth (not allowing an opening leap and getting the first shot), and have a combat stealth to escape if needed or put the fight back in your favor with a reset. The notion that you have a disadvantage to a Jugg because of smash in a 1v1 is ludicrous.
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