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Who remembers when operatives could come out of stealth and do 6k damage with one ability? Who enjoyed getting hit for 6k with one attack? Who thought they needed a nerf?
Well months later we have the same problem except with focus guads/sents. They leap to you and do 6k with the first attack. How is this not nerfed yet. If operatives aren't allowed to 6k in one ability certainly the much more tanky guards and sents shouldn't be able to either.

and thats why focus guards and sents NEED A NERF (so do pyro-techs)
Honestly Operatives needed an adjustment, not a nerf. The whole thing could have been solved with 1 simple change to game mechanics. No more tech damage. Done. If they had altered it to be like normal melee/ranged damage right out of the gate maybe MAYBE a small nerf after that if it didn't tone things down enough. Big maybe. But I believed that would have toned things down enough simply because they needed to adjust stats.

With Smash-spec it's a cheap and short Overpowering that needs it's burst toned, and it's through-put increased. Getting pushed while smashing means the smash goes off... somewhere. In PvE and PvP it's got nice numbers, but overall Vig is the better spec by miles simply because of utility abilities (if they'd just get the damn tanks out of the tree we'd be even better).
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