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Thanks, this is a big help. I have found in early FP and with PUGs it helps a DPS to heal yourself or even heal the healer when he gets attacked. I used the basic medical scan (rapid scan I think) and it worked, but the cast time was a killer and i needed to move out of site of the boss. Again, I know well organized groups don't need this, but I play with a friend or 2 in PUGS and the healer is usually concentrating on the tank or dead from aggro.

Also, what do you think of the Werdan spec? I read it is not viable in PVP, but what about for FP and PVE? I read Arsenal is not good because of the casting times, but I only see 1 or 2 more abilities in arsenal that require a cast time. I find in PVE, mobility is pretty needed as well so that was my draw to Pyrotech.
I'll go read the Werdan spec real quick and I'll edit my opinion in right here ->

And you have the correct idea for FP and things like that. Its great when a DPS can spot heal. Sometimes I just switch to healing and keep the tank alive, or even the healer. Most of the time people don't even realize who is healing but it doesn't really even matter. Rapid Scan (bigger heal) and Healing Scan (faster heal) are also 2 of the main heals used by a Merc healer, so you know they are viable.

So my recommendation would be something similar to the second build I posted. Mainly DPS, with only the decreased casting time for heals. If you find that its still difficult to heal due to enemies attacking and causing pushback, then maybe something similar to the first build would be better because it can deal with the pushback due to the skill boxes taken.

Oh and a random tip for off-healing as a Merc in a flashpoitnt:
If you find yourself overheated and don't have a vent heat ready, and the fight is very close or intense......switch to Combat Support Cylinder and use free heals until your heat bar is completely empty. Then switch back to Pyro or Arsenal cylinder and continue to DPS.
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