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^ I think you linked to the wrong specs, the first one is 2/8/31, and the second is 3/7/31.
Yes, I know the question was about hybrids. But IMO (and many other people's), there are no really valid hybrid DPS-Healers for Mercs. Of course, you can easily make a functional Hybrid with either some of Arsenal or some of Pyro, but the end result will be semi-decent DPS and fairly poor healing.

Here are the main abilities that a full healer Merc gets, that a non-full-heal Merc wont have:
-Top level ability - Instant Free Heal
-AoE mini heal - kolto missile
-Shielding that makes you un-interruptable

So if you are a hybrid, it rules out the top level ability. The only two good healer abilities left are not good enough to sacrifice so much DPS for. You either go full heal, or full DPS with a few healer boxes and call it a day.

And so my builds were just an example of how to be a full DPS, but play like a hybrid. The key is to get your healing just good enough that its great for off heals, and this is very easy to do without gimping yourself.
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