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Well this is my opinion. All guilds need to que more, even MVP. Especially after 1.5... All I see are premades in the regs. That is complete bull. Many guilds have enough people online but here is something that really bugs me...they all wait for their perfect comp with their perfect players. Drives me insane. Even MVP is guilty of this. Badcompany well... I dont care what you say... There is always enough on to que...and you could easily talk to other guilds to get a team going instead of waiting...Synergy yes you guys qued a lot a while back but that was october and early nov...for about 2 weeks now everyone seems to just do regs...Even MVP could get off their pubs and get a group going or they need to make a decision to main repubs and get a rated team going there...I dont know anymore but this is ridiculous...effing que up people. The way I see it...everyone should be ashamed to call this a pvp server...Everyone has dropped the ball. We cant wait for bw to do x servers or make rateds happen that could be forever...I believe we as a community need to start working together to make rateds happen and be competitive once again.

Now, I do not know for a fact if guilds have been quing or not as I havnt been in a rated for a week and a bit...but I am seeing way too many premade regs. Even if your guild has 4 players on conistently...try to team up with 4 from another guild...Get a team going. There are sooo many players on our server (mostly bads) but enough decent players to have way more rated games. This is all my opinion but I think it is just ridiculous. A month or two ago there were a lot of games... but there could have been way more teams quing. Anyways that is my rant and please start queing again.

Wow you are ignortant. Synergy has queued every single day for the last 3 weeks. Ive done 100 games of ranked in this time. Do we ever wait until we have 8 starting players and the right comp ? never. We queue every night. You might know this if you actually queued.
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