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5 out of 10. I'd give it more, but the chapter one felt very clunky. You really didn't know much about the protagonist until they very end, when it's pretty much dumped on you. I would have loved little teasers along they brief encounters where you catch up to him, have a brief fight, then he escapes at the last minute. Or he surprises you, and you get away only through luck or a comp saves you or whatever.

thread in a few of those, and a little more progression then "who is parkanas....who is parkanas....who is..oh its him." that's really what it felt like. By the end of it I was commenting on each conversation, "Oh, let me guess. you found ANOTHER jedi that is corrupted. And you want ME to save them...again."

What about having us go to a planet for some benign freeing a group of outcasts on nar shadaa from slavery, and encountering him there, and being saved by one of the corrupt jedi who went there to hide from the guilt of betraying parkanas then we have a story weaved in with this jedi who is fighting their guilt and is helping us to free the slaves as a way of assuaging themselves.

that would be the perfect way to get more of the parkanas story in. without giving away that it was parkanas. He could call himself Darth the old darth that took over him. so you know that the jedi betrayed parkanas, but no clue who this mysterious sith lord is that keeps infecting the jedi. the last battle on Nar Shadaa, your guilt ridden friend finally gives in to the guilt and parkanas takes hold, and we have to fight them. and once we beat them, parkanas is exposed. brief fight with him and he escapes. said guilty jedi has no clue who the mysterious sith lord is, but we've had a taste of him now. and somehow parkanas is connected.

I mean, that right there is interesting. you have a huge effort to save innocent lives, a grieving and guilt laden superior jedi to assist you, a personal struggle perhaps (don't like what the jedi did, hoping to help him turn around through freeing the slaves...). you have weakness, challenge, triumph, betrayal, and are left with a mysterious sith lord, slipping away at the last moment, barely missing your grasp. The current story has no connection with the overlying plot. you fight a bunch of mobs, fight a jedi gone bad, and they all say "were sorry parkanas!" then in a 10 second conversation on your ship, the entire plot catches up with what you just did. blech.

There were so many different ways they could have done each planet. It would honestly take me about 2 hours to put together a plot line for my above idea that would trump every planet in the first chapter. I've no clue why they had this wash-rinse-repeat cycle with the consular story. If it weren't for chapter 2, I probably would have given the story a 2 or 3.

Chapter two saves the whole series. if they had simply made ch. 1 a bit more interesting, it would have been an awesome story, but i can't give it much higher then an Okay and doable. I it to the smuggler story! from the get go, your ship is stolen, your dealing with thugs and con-artists to get info on who took your ship, you finally get it back to find a stowaway on it...and then your on a wild goose chase to find an immense treasure from a legendary crook!. By the end of Coruscant, i was firmly wrapped into the story and loving it. on my consular i had to take yawn breaks.I haven't even got past Taris and the smuggler story has more interesting stuff then the entire ch.1 of the consular.