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JC: 3 (boooring)
Tr: 2 (the 1 extra point is for C1 being at least somewhat interesting)
JK: 8 (would be 10 if C1 wasn't so boring)
Sm: 5 (average)

IA: 9 (awesome. very personal but with the greater good in mind)
SW: 9 (love it. the companions being amazing is a nice bonus)
SI: 7 (The entire story is about you personally which I like)
BH: ? (haven't gotten past Alderaan yet)

Oh look Empire has the better stories. Who'd have thought?
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I don't think the JC story is boring at all, and I'm shocked that anyone likes the Inqusitor story which was absurd from beginning to end. But that's the rub, people can like different things.