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to the OP:

healing does get better as you get higher. at lower levels you pretty much have a fast heal, a slow heal, and a bubble. at level cap your heals are much more interactive, and you have to make many more choices on how to cycle heals and which one to use your Conveyance buff on. so it's fun. So far I've enjoyed both my sage and my merc's healing styles. My agent is fun too, but she's not max level so i cant' give you an experience from that. but as a tank I love all 3 healing specs in my runs.

The thing I enjoy most about the healing classes in this game is that they all have a very different approach to their healing. My merc has to constantly manage heat production, and relies on fast medium str heals with timing their damage reduction screens in, and their default auto shot is always going when nothing else is going on. My agent is juggling HoT's, and being ready for throwing in her big heals when necessary. My sage has a variety of different heals ,but no auto attack heal like my agent or merc, so she is constantly having to decide how to weave in the different heals to maximize throughput vs. force savings, etc. so they are all fun to play really.

you can probably get away with DPS spec for a long time OP. Telekinetic spec has amazing force efficiency, even with heals, and I've healed FP's before in TK spec with no issues. I only switched over to healing spec in my mid 40's so I could get used to it. I mix up the two wt 50...since all 3 specs for the sage are viable as healer or DPS in all the current content of the game. Plus, since the gear requirements for healing vs. dps are pretty similar, you don't have to have a completely different set of gear for your sage just to heal (most content...). so sage is a great class to mix up DPS and heals on. Having free respecs is a serious boon for this btw.