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Greetings, my name is Matt.

Monday/Tuesday 8pm EST- RWZ days
Wednesday/Thursday 8pm EST Raid days(this week EC HM, TFB HM progression)

I'd like to recruit those of you Repubs reading to consider joining our guild today. We are about 60 active members deep, 80% hardcore pvp, and 20% PVE geared raiders. I'd like to stress that our guild plays all aspects of the game as a team, we run LOTS of WZs daily, we have a ton of Warhero augmented pvpers. But I'm also looking to recruit more people for our EC HM run this week in preparation for EC NiM. I'd also encourage select small guild subscribers to come over to us/merge and raid with us.

Our RWZ days our Monday/Tuesday @ 8pm EST and it goes for about 2 hours. In this guild you will get your dailies and weeklies done every week.

As the PVE officer, and raid leader I'm really looking to recruit DPS in needs of ->Gunslingers, Commandos, Sentinels, Sages, and then down to all other dps. As a raid leader, I play a full campaign augmented tank so I can control my raid. But I will play a dread guard augmented commando to see what my whole raid is doing.

I'm 5/5 TFB HM 16man with a world first kill on Operator. I also run strategies for EC NiM in summary of a good pulling strategy, medpack bug, and all rDPS on Toth until 20% keeping him in berserk phase and switch to dpsing Zorn until we get him to 15% avoiding all reticle phases and saving a lot of time on the enrage timer. We then burn Toth down with 3 dps, after the down avoiding Zorn's scream and kiting him. It is very important that mdps avoid all transition enraged stomps.
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