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Certainly. What I meant is that what the guild is about and how we approach it differs from most other Imperial guilds, which I will describe below. As for the RP sessions, they tend to be either organized or sporadic, generally there is RP happening every day with few or more members taking part in it at remote places usually without other players. Additionally, we have prepared and are polishing our own RP system, with rules and features that covers both the forum and in-game. It relies on a Game Master to guide the in-game events and observe the rules, while the forum part will be more individual driven.

The distinction in our RP theme begins with the guild ideology. We are neither a power base, a Sith cult, mercenary organization nor intelligence service. Our purpose is supporting the advancement of the Empire for the good of the Imperial citizens and the people in the galaxy as a whole, for which we believe the Imperial order is the right form of government.

Then again we stand against individual power players within the Empire, Sith Lords who deteriorate it with their erratic quests for influence. Against those who would put the life and well being of imperial citizens at risk, or even sacrifice them for their own advantage. In that regard Nestinar is isolating itself from other organizations (you will hardly see us in multi-guild RP, although we do have allies in the community), which does spread rumors or make some call us snobs.

From the D&D system we are a mix of Lawful Evil, Lawful Neutral and Neutral Good.
As another analogy you can say Cerberus from Mass Effect - minus their terroristic tendencies and unmoral experiments.

The guild chat is OOC and we assume our members to be OOC unless specified otherwise. We do not expect people to use "((" when they talk. All text in /say and /emote, however, either in the open world or inside operations/flashpoints is IC.

I hope that covers some of what you've been wondering about.