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11.20.2012 , 11:22 AM | #320
mec/commando dps is not broken. its fine.

you let a merc free-cast for the entire warzone, and they will put up stupidly high numbers.

the problem is we have no way to maintain that DPS output when we are pressured by as little as even one person. with all the ways to be interrupted, instant cast tracer missile/grav round and charged bolts/power shot would be a very smart fix. it would allow us to fight back against melee opponents much more effectively than we can now, and would also prevent a couple of interrupts from locking us down from using our set-up attacks.

as far as survivability goes, the only real change i think should be made is to return power barrier/charged barried to granting 2% damage reduction per stack (aka undo the unnecessary nerf we got back in 1.2).

you have to remember that bioware, if they do anything at all, is going to likely go with the least path of resistance. meaning they are going to be unlikely to add in new abilities, which is a multi-departmental task.
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