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First, the word you're looking for is Canon.

You only have one issue: She's too young to be that well-accomplished. Experience isn't acquired overnight. It's very unrealistic that she could have done all that in such a short time-frame. I'd recommend bumping her age up to 30-ish. Now, Risha, like Vette and Jaesa Willsaam, is 19. But I've always believed Risha "acted" older than the other two. I'd go out on a limb and say that someone messed up and that Risha was supposed to be older. But that's another issue.

Also, why does she want to show others "the error of their ways" while still helping out the needy? You're attempting to 'cross-breed' two archetypes: Vigilante and Do-gooder. Batman doesn't help out the less fortunate. If he does, it's merely a repercussion of eliminating criminal scum. Robin Hood doesn't punish government tax collectors, he merely returns what right-fully belongs to the villagers. See the difference?
I agree that CANON is what you need to aim for, but remember that everyone's class stories are going to be the same, but your individual RP storyline can go as far as your imagination limits. Basically, the sky's the limit on RPing your bio, history, and life.

"She's too young to be that well-accomplished." What?

EXAMPLE #1: The jedi are found to be having an affinity with the force when they they are born or in their young ages.
EXAMPLE #2: Anakin had an affinity with mechanical things in his early years, working as a slave in Watto's Shop.
EXAMPLE #3: Han Solo had an affinity to getting into trouble and use his luck to always get out, at the last minute.

Who's to say, anyone can or cannot have an affinity to anything in the Star Wars universe, from fixing things to piloting, etc...

If you dont accept that answer, how about real stats in real life, young children have an affinity to pick up things that will pretty much set their behavior for the rest of their life. So, in laments terms,its all possible.

"You're attempting to 'cross-breed' two archetypes: Vigilante and Do-gooder."' Not likely possible, but if you can do it, more power to you. Most just use 1 archetype, not use both or cross breed them.

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