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11.20.2012 , 10:39 AM | #4
I think augments are great!
Not for increasing your stats greatly but there great for fine tuning.

You need to get most of you stats from your other gear armoring/implants etc.
Than the augments come in if you need a few point.

Like the
Overkill augment that wil give only extra healing/dps
Resolve augment that wil give extra healing/dps and crit change
Surge augment wil give surge rating
Crit augment that wil give crit change
Alacrity augment that wil give alacrity

With these you can fine tune and if you got the best stats you want.
For sorcerer mostly 30% crit change 75% surge rating
and about 10% alacrity (personal opinion ofcourse)
Than you can pick power for rest for the little bit extra healing power.

Hopefully helpfull enouf