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11.20.2012 , 09:48 AM | #35
Really struggling with BiS for Guardian Tank. Right now I have 2 warhero defense relics and I do OK. Defense chance about 27% unstimmed.

If I swap for the DG Defense clicky, I go down to 24% defense, but popping it gets me 31%. Are there really boss phases where an extra 7% defense (which relies on RNG, after all) is better than across the board +3%?

The shield/absorb clicky seems like a better bet, because the shield chance is so high, so it's almost a guarantee that it will help. I am very wary of the absorb proc relic.

Either way, I need to reitemize in a big way, don't I, to get defense closer to 30% as a guardian? My shield is high 40s, and absorb low 50s.
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