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Ok so I am totally new to this. What all do you get with the Recruit MK2 gear? Is it bought in a set or piece by piece? Do you use credits or comms? If comms which ones?

Thank you for your reply
When you reach level 50, or if you are already level 50 and haven't gone to the pvp terminal, go to the pvp terminal on fleet. Pick up the mission(s), one of them you can immediately turn back in to the drop box. It gives you a choice of 2 or 3 tokens with a description on each stating which build of your class the token is for. Choose the one for your adv class and skill build. When you get the token in your inventory, make sure you have room and open it. You will be granted the every Recruit Mk-2 piece for the build you chose, every slot (armor/mainhand/offhand/ear/implant/relics).

Assassin/Shadow (Tank) - Survivor
Assassin/Shadow (DPS) - Stalker

Juggernaut/Guardian (Tank) - War Leader
Juggernaut/Guardian (DPS) - Vindicator

Marauder/Sentinel (DPS) - Weaponmaster

Mercenary/Commando (Heals) - Combat Medic
Mercenary/Commando (DPS) - Eliminator

Operative/Scoundrel (Heals) - Field Medic
Operative/Scoundrel (DPS) - Enforcer

Powertech/Vanguard (Tank) - Supercommando
Powertech/Vanguard (DPS) - Combat Tech

Sniper/Gunslinger (DPS) - Field Tech

Sorceror/Sage (Heals) - Force-Mystic (Some slots will be Force-Master.)
Sorceror/Sage (DPS) - Force-Master

If you have already picked that up, you can still buy the individual pieces from the Recruit PvP vendors on fleet with credits.
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