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The fact is that gift missions also create a scarcity of materials. Fact is in a game such as this, the supply of materials is infinite; no matter how much of a material has been gathered/discovered there is always more. So, developers create game mechanics to limit those resources over time:

- gathered nodes are not always present and spawn different things
- certain materials are only obtainable via a "critical success"
- (SWTOR specific) missions cost credits and time and they are in most cases random

With this in mind, gift missions perform the function of delaying the acquisition of mission skill materials. If they were to be removed from the system I foresee several possibilities:

1) the amount of material obtained from each mission is cut in half
2) the cost of missions increases
3) the time required to complete missions increases
4) or a combination of the above.

As an example, right now grade 6 UT abundant metal missions cost about 2100 credits, take an hour to complete, and results in 4 prototype quality metals on a non-crit, 8 prototype metals on a crit, and 2-4 artifact quality metals on a crit. Imagine if you will, no gift missions. Now, that same mission costs 4500 credits, takes 2.5 hours to complete, and results in 2/4/1-2. You get what you want, but the scarcity of materials is maintained.

Is that REALLY what you want?