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11.20.2012 , 08:38 AM | #6
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On our (joint Silent Council & Empire) four stack kill last night, we also found that players that were pvp flagged seemed to get dread each time. So turn off your pvp flags...
This is a really fun and challenging fight at 4 stacks, can't wait to try to figure out 5.
It's a very nasty fight at 5 stacks. He drops 10k+ smashes every couple seconds to the entire team plus some big single target hits. It's a very healer intensive fight and it looks like you need to over stock on AOE healing to have a chance.

4 stacks in comparison is very easy. We had a group of 24 geared players and tore the 4 stack version up w/o any issue on the first go. The 5 stack the best we got was down to about 75% health.