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11.20.2012 , 08:18 AM | #1
Hello mates ; I reached lvl 50 2 weeks ago ;and I made my full battlemaster pvp set new too ( almost got one piece warhero piece too now ) . But when I enter to warzones I am living hard times against melee classes + sorcs realy. I am dying realy fast ;and there is realy less places to hide for support ,from behind. When thy see me thy attack me first always. I am at marksmanship tech tree which I love most at playing .

I cannot burst my damage as faster as other classes .So I was said as " underpower " ed class comparing to other gear ed classes in the game. There is already less difference between warhero and battlemaster stats too ; so What should I do at my sniper for a better survivability and damage burst.

Inaddition, I am trying to find an active pvp guild ;but thy don't get battlemaster gears.... Hard to make a premade group at my server ( tomb of freedon nadd ,sith side ). Everyone here like pve most !!!! I realy don't get them . So I enter with randoms and siths are realy useless at warzone pvp at my server.. losing every matches...