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and I have a question: can one trade daily commendations for Rakata Gear?
or it is exclusive to operations loot?
Because i haven't seen that option.
I am full of daily commendations and wear random Columi, Rkatata and Blackhole items, but do not have any patience to run weeklies for a year to grind enough BH commendations to buy the whole set.
In this respect PVP is way faster, cos you can do operations in Battlemaster gear.
You can trade daily comms for Rakata Earpiece, and Implants, and I believe Campaign Relics - do this with mission support (daily) vendors at the Black Hole, Ilum, Section X etc.. The rest is only from loot... can get Rakata chest piece from HM Lost Island FP, and rest of Rakata gear from HM KP and EV, and SM EC. You can now buy Campaign Armorings from the Black Hole/Campaign vendor with BH Comms.
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