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I am very very astonished about this recruit armor.
All dailies are well done with yor fresh 50 gear - blue and even green. Dailies get you purple 50 and 51 mods Tionese grade, which you can get from HM Flashs Tier1.
Recruit MK2 are slightly worse then Columi - which is the goal of HM Flash run... there's no sense then in HM Tier1 - you got already that level of gear that HM Tier1 can give you...

May be BW think fresh 50 must go streight to the HM Tier2 or even Operations?
Or they think gamers to be too dull to play HM Flashes not overgeared!?
Recruit Mk-2 is slightly better than Tionese, but signifiantly worse than Columi. Yes you do get a lot of Tionese from the Tier 1 HM FPs, but you can also get Columi gear from them, which is the goal. You need to be in full Columi or better gear before moving onto the Tier 2 HM FP (Lost Island only so far) and HM Ops. You can do SM KP or EV in Recruit Gear,

Basically, Recruit Mk-2 is your fresh 50 gear for entry level, which you get a one-time free set from the pvp terminal on fleet.. Tionese is obsolete - I only use it to equip on my companions, until I can upgrade them to Columi or better.
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