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11.20.2012 , 07:33 AM | #23
My issue is I'm being outhealed 3:1+ by Shadows/Assassins *and all theirs are self heals* and almost 2:1 by Guardians/Juggernauts (in Soresu/Shii-cho Forms) *also self heals*

Heal classes are still healing in excess of 100k (Sages/Sors) and still pumping out some top DPS #s and from ranged.

Today I was disgusted I actually had a 6k heal stat with over 200k damage done in a warzone. In focus spec if I used my CC Break an average of 8 times in a typical warzone, my self-heals *with trauma applied* would be about 14k. Guardians/Juggernauts also get Focused Defense as well as a set bonus heal for using Guardian Leap which I could use (albeit theoretically) 40+ times in a typical warzone, for an estimated 40k more healing.

Look, just give us back our heals.