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11.20.2012 , 07:08 AM | #22
The problem ist that a Crit stacked Sentinel, >500 Points in Crit. Like I play one.
Respective Critchance of the two DoTs 65%
Before the nerf you could reach 25% of the HPS a normal Healer reached, most overheal but still 25% of a Healer when doing a lot of DPS. 0.5% or 1% in Total aka 50% of the healing reduced seems a bit harsh, but in only takes down the self healing for Crit Sentinels, who could easily heal the Raidwide AoE DMG away.

Example Asation HC, all bosses at some point have Raid AoE, a Crit Wachman seldomly needed to be heald. The nerf has no real issue in PVP or for RAIDs as it only nerfes the Selfheal that comes without ZEN. It is a very big nerf, but it doesn´t kill the class^^