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@bright_ephemera It took me a while and reading all the fanfic to see Kaliyo/Quinn as being a very similar situation. You show it beautifully here. I <3 Wynston/Ruth.
Thanks! Kaliyo and Quinn aren't necessarily similar, but they can be; it really depends on the player's take. Kaliyo sides with the player in the end and that's supposed to make things better. You could read her whole thing as an embarrassing side job. But betraying the Empire is betraying Wynston, and depending on the damage would be considered worse than just shivving him personally. His Kaliyo knew it.

Long period of "getting meaningfully involved would be a terrible idea"? Check. Longstanding sketchy side arrangement on the other person's part? Check. Firm belief on the other person's part that it isn't in their nature to do otherwise? Check. Painful, inexplicable inability (both in game and in fic) to do what should be done after? Check. The biggest difference is that Ruth's surprise was at Quinn betraying her and Wynston's surprise was at caring when Kaliyo did.

In other news, aieee Scourge warning. I like it. And the Voss leadup...with no Knight, but with Scourge Wrathing...I look forward to it!
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