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Premade doesn't = Gear players. Likewise PuG doesn't = Recruit Gear. Gear and Gear gap is a seperate issue from premade vs. PuG.
It doesn't, but it does. I know for a fact that when I run premades, I group with my friends, who are all in augmented War Hero gear. I know most others do this as well. One of us wants to gear up an alt? That's fine, we carry them, we don't all hop on Recruit geared alts to queue. Not to mention, its more likely you meet people and start consistently grouping with them after you've already PvP'd for a while and gotten yourself some gear, you don't just get stomped next to a couple other Recruit geared guys and go, "Hey, lets group up and get stomped together!".

Would you rather split queue's, or a flexible matchmaking system that matched premades to premades, PuG's to PuG's, or an equal mix of Premade+PuGs, with gradualy lessening balance per minute to keep queue times for both sides to a reasonable time? Not to mention this system would also cover the problem created by a split queue, which is incomplete group filling and backfilling.
I'd rather split queues til we can get a flexible matchmaking system? Look at ranked and what a failure of a matchmaking system that is.

Just split the queues.