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I would love to apply and see how you guys do things. It would be a great honor to raid with you, but the language barrier looks like it could be a problem. I've seen a lot of your members' posts and your American is really unrefined.
Our American is really unrefined????
“My bad”. (Phrased it so you could understand)
1) We speak English!!!! That language that you had before you messed it up because it was apparently to hard.
2) We could speak American, but that would be wrong, this is because all you use is slang or can’t even say words correctly for example words like aluminium. Finally just so we are clear cookies are a form of biscuit’s. Cookies don’t = all biscuit’s. Simple enough said !!!
“Come at me bro I will scold u with our tea.”

Unrelated note: big grats on downing 2nd boss its 1 over tuned guy P.S. so is the last boss