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All of the characters on my account that I transferred from 'The Jek Jek Tarr' to 'The Harbinger' were supposed to be safe from this catastrophe, but they apparently were not. My Jedi Knight, "Durai", is in an unplayable state, comatose if you will, because the server is telling me that I must change his name.
WakaWaka that doesn't mean anything. If I'm not mistaken, think that i read it on one of the BW posts, player with Higher LVL will keep name. If your light bulb Durai wasn't lvl 50 then probably other player has char with that name with higher lvl. Only in case if you are same lvl, you would be able to keep the name.
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can you make sword in box light sword so sword come out when opened? then if sword is back after sword, use light saber on box, and saber will be boxed after sword is out.